Unshakeable beliefs are shifted

I’m evil’ says my brother.
Just to be clear, he isn’t….he has a beautiful heart,
Trouble is, he’s had this belief for years.
Seizures, autism and the daily living challenges he has to cope with, are all signs of punishment.
From God.
Because he’s evil.
This is how his mind works.
Explaining to him that God doesn’t punish people can help sometimes.
It can chip away at the surface.
But most often the belief is unshakeable.
It’s like the block of stone remains intact.
We start the treatment.
Twenty minutes later he says ‘my body feels much more relaxed’
He then offers some wisdom.

‘When the body gets very tight it affects your emotions’.
He continues ‘you wonder what you’re doing that makes it so bad’.
It now makes sense.
He felt so bad that the only possible conclusion was that he’d done something wrong!
As the treatment progresses the stone dissolves.
HIs body is softer, and his mood steadily brightens
HIs mental and emotional health are significantly shaped by his physical condition.
He happily reports ‘I can do more than I normally can’
We reach the end of the treatment.
He has a deeper connection with his body.
‘I find it quite easy to be aware of the tightness’
For him to be saying these things is wonderful.

(Please note that treatments do not just help the autistic child or adult but also the, sometimes unnoticed, stress that those around are subject to.)