Releasing tension in the body relieves TV triggered trauma

‘Eight to ten years after coming home
Almost 800,000 men
Are still fighting the Vietnam War’
Giving my brother a treatment the other day I was reminded of Paul Hardcastle’s 1985 song ‘19’.
Because my brother was still evacuating women and children from Kabul.
In his head.
He’d watched events unfold on TV. They were real to him…
He was there.
At the airport.
Alert to danger. Ready to run. Strong.
But his legs weren’t. He couldn’t run.
Living in this adrenaline hell had weakened his body.
His legs were collapsing……

The treatment started to release the stress. At the physical level initially.
Then it worked more deeply into his emotional and mental states.
He was able to voice his fears. And all the experiences at Kabul airport he’d seen.
He wasn’t there.
He was safe.
Living with autism and seizures my brother knows all about trauma.
Even though, on this occasion, it wasn’t impacting him physically, the TV images were enough.
Overwhelm, panic, explosive anger are some of the signs that trauma is being held in the body.
The reaction is disproportionate to the external event such as an ambulance starting up its siren.
A healing treatment works well in these circumstances.
Releases tension and unwanted emotions thereby restores calm and flexibility.

(Please note that treatments do not just help the autistic child or adult but also the, sometimes unnoticed, stress that those around are subject to.)