About Teuten Healing


Teuten Healing helps your mind and body. Right from the start, Jenny's aim is that you have hope as you can feel your body getting better. You can see yourself living a happier and healthier life.

If you have an injury in one area such as a broken toe or frozen shoulder, the impact can be felt throughout the body; such as tightness, pain or numbness. Jenny’s healing approach addresses the ‘cause’ and the ‘effects’ of the problem.

Pain can indicate emotion that has been held in the body for many years. By unlocking the layers of pain or tightness Teuten Healing can help release suppressed emotions from the past that no longer serve you. The result is that you feel lighter and you have a deeper connection to, and awareness of, your body

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The healing relationship

At the heart of the relationship between you and Jenny is a clear and honest communication. The feedback you give before, during and after treatment is a vital part of the overall process. She uses this information to more effectively tailor the session to meet your needs. In this respect you take an active role in your healing.

The treatments

Your body is not massaged, nor is it manipulated, in any risky way. Jenny works with you so you can move a part of the body into a specific position to aid the healing process. She will avoid any area that is too sore or stiff until greater flexibility is restored. The number of sessions required varies from person to person. It depends on a number of factors such as the severity and length of time you have experienced your condition. Generally, the more recent the problem the quicker the therapy works and perhaps one session may be all that is necessary.


45 minutes
60 minutes