About Jenny

Jenny has emerged as a healer from her own health challenges and demanding family circumstances.

She cared for both her mother, Margaret and brother, Nigel at home. In April 2015 they were ill. Margaret was nine years into vascular dementia, was very fragile and vulnerable to pneumonia. Nigel was living with autism and seizures. They had a very strong bond so when one got sick the other did too.

Jenny’s greatest concern was the impact a separation would have. If Nigel had to move to a care home, he and Margaret would decline fast.

By this time Jenny had been a student of energy healing for three years. With Margaret exhibiting more dementia symptoms and Nigel at risk of another series of damaging seizures it was necessary to start practicing. Jenny’s overriding objective was to keep her family together at home and her healing approach was the best option available for everyone.


The most realistic outcome for Margaret was that her condition remained stable and the quality of her remaining years was the best it could possibly be, in her own home. She lived for 4 more years. She enjoyed all the treatments, moving her body, expressing herself vocally and receiving love and attention from friends and family. Despite the eventual decline in her physical health she blossomed emotionally, was a beacon of love, maintaining a beautiful presence right up to her last few minutes. She died peacefully surrounded by family at home.

The best outcome for Nigel was to be free from the fear brought on by autism and free from seizures. It was a major mountain to climb though given he had experienced fits most years since the age of 18 months. As he was disconnected from physical pain and discomfort (on one occasion completed a run with a broken big toe) the first step was to soften his body so he could feel it. Steadily, over the next few months, he learnt to connect at a physical level and to articulate the severity of pain and tightness. However, the most welcome result was a new ability to express himself both verbally and through drawing and writing short stories and poems.

Jenny now combines her Teuten Healing with the leadership coaching and coach supervision she has been practicing since 2007. She offers a combination of both body and ‘talking’ therapies to more effectively meet your needs.